$11 for 11 years

  My wife and I just celebrated our 11 yr wedding anniversary.  To commemorate it…  we thought we’d ask 1000+ of our friends online to help us enrich the lives of others in developing countries by giving a one time donation of $11 to charity: water.  Watch the video to learn more…


Kick the Lion’s…

  Proverbs 22:13-  The sluggard says, “There is a lion outside!  I shall be killed in the streets!” How often we make excuses for not going out there and embracing life.  Apparently at the time that this proverb was written, there was a good chance that you just might come face to face with the […]


Finish Strong

  Running long distances can be so taxing some days.  It’s just hard on the body.  Sometimes, when I haven’t had enough sleep, like last night, it just kills me to get up and get going.  Other days…  I feel like I could go another 10.  It’s weird.  It’s amazing how we’re either physically, or […]