September 11

  I can still remember it as if it happened yesterday.  After all this time, the images remain ingrained in my head.  One moment the world felt, somewhat, safe, but quickly, almost instantly, safety became an exaggerated figment of the imagination, the memory of a long lost friend. Why would anybody do such a horrific […]



  A couple of years ago I watched two documentaries back to back…  “Food Inc.” and “Forks Over Knives”.  I used to think organic and crap like that was for the yuppy crowd…  a fad that would, like a Spring shower, quickly blow over, but…  as always…  I let my mouth say too much before […]



  I’ve had an on and off again love affair with distance running my entire life.  She’s always been there, faithful, it’s been me that’s been on and off again.  I love it though.  I typically do morning runs, it sets my mind at ease, helps me focus, acts as a nice little life parallel […]