A couple of years ago I watched two documentaries back to back…  “Food Inc.” and “Forks Over Knives”.  I used to think organic and crap like that was for the yuppy crowd…  a fad that would, like a Spring shower, quickly blow over, but…  as always…  I let my mouth say too much before […]



  I’ve had an on and off again love affair with distance running my entire life.  She’s always been there, faithful, it’s been me that’s been on and off again.  I love it though.  I typically do morning runs, it sets my mind at ease, helps me focus, acts as a nice little life parallel […]

$11 for 11 years

  My wife and I just celebrated our 11 yr wedding anniversary.  To commemorate it…  we thought we’d ask 1000+ of our friends online to help us enrich the lives of others in developing countries by giving a one time donation of $11 to charity: water.  Watch the video to learn more…